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"Melbourne, Australia"

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["[email protected]",  "LinkedIn", "Github", "Instagram"]

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["Technology",  "Reading", "Writing", "Designing"]

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"BIT. Information Technology - Victoria University, Melbourne"

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["Linux", "Docker", "Java", "Python", "Javascript", "React", "Git", "Vim", "Leadership, "Art & Design"]

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first project image

Cli tool for Nepal stock exchange

My first tool built with python that gets all the information about nepal capital market and information about companies listed in Nepal stock exchange through commands.

linux system admin tool

Linux Sys-Admin

Linux System Administrator tool built with bash script.This program is created for begineers as well as anyone working in linux environment.

Bash Script Linux
Shoping Website | King clothing

E-Commerce Website

My first Shoping website built with React js.This project contains user friendly and completly responsive website which stores data in firebase.

HTML5 Css React Firebase Es6
stock analysis

Stock Analysis

This project includes my analysis of the company.My take on the company financial condition along with few of my prediction with Charlie munger wisdom.

Html Css React Firebase Es6
Calculator project


An awesome Calculator built with HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.This project does not contain any kind of frameworks.

Html Css Javascript Es6
Monster Rolodex

Monster Rolodex

This project includes the list of monsters.This project helped me build better foundation in react.

Html Css React

About Me


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My name is Prajwal Basnet, originally from Nepal and currently a student at Victoria University in Melbourne.

I am a tech enthusiast who embraces a multi disciplinary approach to problem solving. When i am not into technology, I like to read books with a particular interest in psychology and investing. Ocassionally, I share my thoughts through blogging on my website.



I value my time so make it worth and keep it suncinct.

Here are the couple of place where i hangout:

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